Barbara Ferro


The technique of inlay

The realization of the inlay starts from the choice of materials according to the subject to be made.
Barbara Ferro loves detailed subjects, which lend themselves particularly well to cuts and in which she has the possibility to use many colours.
In the design phase the artist establishes the forms that will create the composition.
The processing then involves various phases, some delicate, as in the case of cutting certain materials, grinding, rounding and polishing of individual components. 
The parts are then assembled with cement glue and often the whole is laid on ultralight panels in order to be easily transportable.
Assembly requires great precision, especially when it comes to machining with various levels of depth.

It can be said that in every creation a kind of magic takes place because only after the works are laid vertically and can be admired with the right perspective distance one really has the measure of the power of the work that at that point finds its true unity.